Anonymous: Hi. Can I know where can I find any of minho's interviews? Cuz I tried searching for it but none of them come out. I really wanna know more about him. He's such an adorable guy ><

Hello! i’ve seen any before but most of them are written in Korean, so idk if that becomes a problem for you. Therefore if you’re looking for minho’s interviews in English, i’m sorry i cant help much :(

Anyone can help? Thanks in advance xx

Jo Min Ho for Vogue Girl Korea September 2014

GQ korea August 2014


Hello everyone! I’d like to inform you guys that FYJOMINHO turned 1 yesterday! Yeay!

Thank you for the support on this blog. I’m really sorry for the lack of updates in the past year, even tho I promised i’ll do my best to keep you guys update :(

Therefore, I’m looking for a good admin(s) that is willing to help me and maintain this blog by posting pictures and some infos related to Jo Minho.

This is open for everybody, so PM me if you want to apply. Thank You So Much. Godspeed.


July.2014 (7월호)
새롭게 기획된 “Get Inside” (겟인사이드)
이번호 오늘 전국 온/오프라인서점에 드디어 발간!! 기대해주세요!
Jo Min Ho for &#8216;Body Languages&#8217; by W Korea July 2014
Jo Min Ho for Esquire Digital July 2014